Gunsight Mountain Made it!

Gunsight Mountain:  Elevation 6,441 feet
Time to the top: hiking fast uphill : 2 1/2 hours with lunch break
Total time Roundtrip:  3:52 minutes
Miles Round Trip 8.2

Okay, after trying to find the trail backpacking, we went back for a day hike.  Thankfully, it was easy.

There is a pull off mile 118.5 on the Glen Hwy just past Sheep Mountain Lodge if coming from Palmer with a nice outhouse and no parking fee.

Head down the old road and turn right up the trail.  For the first 2ish miles you will be on a well marked four wheel trail.  It can be a bit muddy in places, but we stayed dry for walking around.

Major crossroad:  Take a left on the first decision right when you see the pond. The road to the right takes you into the back woods around the mountain not to Gunsight.
See James point to the left the "correct" way to go
There is a small creek crossing that was easily jumpable.

Then when you start getting to a flatish part, you will see a nice area for camping *4 wheel trail ends here.  You will have a nice view of the Mountain.  Then you will start to head up to the top.  We found a nice little valley of bluebells to hike through.  

There was a few trails if you hug the ridge line to the top, but we took a little switchback trail that approached the top closer to the left of the peak.  On the way down, we hugged the ridge and enjoyed the little faster descent.  

at the top!

A video of the descent.

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