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Palmer-Moose Creek Railroad trail

So, if you missed the group hike, this post will tell you all about our Moose Creek-Palmer Railroad trail.
Park at the Moose Creek Campground heading down the Glenn Hwy a few miles out of Palmer, Alaska.

**newly updated thanks Google but the trailhead has a point now on google maps.

They have an outhouse but the gates are locked until the summer.

The craziest thing is that there are two well worn 4 wheel trails to the Moose Creek.  However, DO NOT GO TO THE BRIDGE OR THE RIVER.

Carefully cross the Glenn Hwy and you will see blue electrical tape around the birch trees and further down the trail will have the brown trail marker.

Once you cross the Glen Highway looking back you can see the trail marker.

The trail is unique and follows where the old railroad used to go to Sutton.  It is clearly marked until you get to a place when you look up and see some train tracks dangling from the cliff.

At that point, our model Juli points the way down a little gravel slide and then you connect back…

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