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Back to School fun Run Mat-Su Thursday Night Series!

Since school started, it might be trickier to get your exercise and hikes in.  Why not try this fun RunMatSu Thursday night race series?  Go at your own pace and enjoy run/walking these trails that you might of avoided because you were scared of being lost or having no-one to go out with you.  For  only $10 for the entire family (no dogs), it is an affordable way to get in shape. If you are single adult $5, youth $2 if you want to pay separately.  Races begin at 6:00pm.  Parking pass/fee will apply. 
Register online at Valley Mountain Bikers and Hikers or at Active Soles Performance Footwear one week before the event.  
9/15 The first one is at Crevasse Moraine off of Loma Prieta Drive around mile 2 off Palmer/Wasilla Hwy in Palmer, AK  9/22 Matanuska Lakes State Recreation Park off of the Glenn Hwy near the Parks  9/29  Government Peak Recreation Area towards Hatcher Pass off Edgerton Parks Road 10/6 Matanuska Lakes State Recreation Park off of the Glenn Hwy near the Pa…

So, it is Wet. So What!

So, it is wet.  So what! I am a huge advocate of the saying, "there is no bad weather, (in Alaska) only bad clothing."  That saying originated in Norway.  But, I learned a few quick and easy tips to enjoy the outdoors even if it looks like Eeyore weather.

1) Waterproof hiking shoes/boots. Nothing says warm like a good dry foot. Not only does it prevent blisters from rubbing, your whole body is warm. Don't get water resistant but, waterproof. *my thermal lined Xtratuf makes camping in the rain fun as well.  Don't get water resistant but, waterproof.

2) Rain pants.  These are a must for blueberry picking and hiking in brush that is wet. I just slip these into my pack and pull them out if I need the extra protection.  I also like to use them as an extra layer to keep warm in windy conditions or after I arrive at a backpacking place.

3) Frog Toggs.  After a 6 hour hike in the constant rain, my "water resistance" rain jacket was a soggy mess. I was too.  I want…