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Don't have a cabin in the woods? Rent one!

Don't own a cabin in the Woods?  You don't have to.  Why not share one by renting one of these amazing facilities!  I heard about the Manitoba huts on a podcast this summer and thinking this would be a fun way to get outside a different way this winter. You could even stay in a YURT!

James and I throughly enjoyed our anniversary get-away last December 2015 in a sweet cabin called Dale Clemens near Seward, AK. The hike in was the bonus for us.  We didn't need to haul any wood because it come completely stocked with propane for the heater!  The silence was special and the heavy snow delightful.

Note they reserves cabins 180 days in advance.  The best time to book for Summer outings is in the winter.

The State of Alaska has a variety of cabins for rent. We have enjoyed the Nancy Lake cabins.

Sensational Snowshoeing!

As a mom of four boys, there was a season of parenthood when the ages of my boys made it difficult to get outside and be active together as a family. My husband and I both enjoyed backcountry skiing pre-kids, but limited budget prohibited us from introducing all our boys to the sport. We thought, "how about XC skiing?" I imagined wonderful afternoons that looked like this...    

What we ended up with was this...  

We found that our youngest two just could not follow where the rest of the family wanted to explore. Weekend outings ended with frustrated kiddos in a tangle of skis and poles. Now I am not saying that introducing kids to Nordic skiing at a young age is not doable. The MatSu Ski Club Jr Nordics is a fabulous program to get your kids on the trail and learning xc ski techniques from teachers who know how to ski well. for our family, we were wanting a more backcountry experience and we were blazing our own trails, usually up in …

Retreat Connect Refresh

Often our lives are full.  Full of trials, pain, and just business. This was also the surroundings in Jesus life 2000+ years ago.  We hear of his days full of just that.  However, I find it inspiring how he spent time away from the crowds and went to the MOUNTAINS to connect to God.

1) Retreat:  Being a wife/mother/pastor's wife, my home is often the source of wonderful joys and sorrows.  I am available to everyone at all times.  I also see all the "necessary" projects that loom over my head like Eyores' black cloud.  It is there.  However, when I go to the hills or anywhere in nature, my distractions are lessoned DRASTICILY.  I can be in the world God created for me to enjoy.  It gives me time to listen.

2) Connect:  Prayer is often the pouring out to God. But, just like a marriage relationship, if only one person is talking it would be an unhealthy relationship.  When I take the time to reflect and listen to God, I get His perspectives and His heart.  Out on a tra…