Don't have a cabin in the woods? Rent one!

Don't own a cabin in the Woods?  You don't have to.  Why not share one by renting one of these amazing facilities!  I heard about the Manitoba huts on a podcast this summer and thinking this would be a fun way to get outside a different way this winter. You could even stay in a YURT!

James and I throughly enjoyed our anniversary get-away last December 2015 in a sweet cabin called Dale Clemens near Seward, AK. The hike in was the bonus for us.  We didn't need to haul any wood because it come completely stocked with propane for the heater!  The silence was special and the heavy snow delightful.

Note they reserves cabins 180 days in advance.  The best time to book for Summer outings is in the winter.

The State of Alaska has a variety of cabins for rent. We have enjoyed the Nancy Lake cabins.

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