Rippy Trail with Clear Sign

After my last review of Rippy Trail, I wanted to revisit it because it is a great trail.  It is one of the only trails that is multi-use, which means sharing with ATV's that is not a giant mud hole. Since it is spring, it is nice to know of some dry trails.

Total Length is 3.8 miles round trip.
To the Trailhead:  Head down Maud road to the end and further to the end of the dirt road called Maud Extension.  You will pass a nice lake on your right and a shooting range (recently updated) on your left.  Keep going.  The road gets narrow and at the bottom of a short hill there is a larger turn around place.  *If you continue to a even more iffy road you will end up at Jim Lake (too far).

Park near the new sign.*not there earlier last year!

Then the trail is clear except one point about 4 minutes in it looks like it has a Y but just stay to the heavily used trail to the right and you will be on the trail.

Great trail for mountain bikes and fat bikes!

Trail Terrain:  It is a meandering woodland trail with a few creeks to jump over.  No extensive river crossings.  It is mostly hard packed and cleared trail.  We did spot a moose.  There is a few bear stands so, you have been warned.

The best overlook is definitely at a hard right near the 1.8 mile point.
And they built a bridge for the last creek crossing.  The main trail just goes in a loop back to the bridge.  However, some guidebooks say that you can scramble to the left of the bridge and follow an animal trail towards the Knik Glacier.  I couldn't find it :(

 Thanks Sam Whipple for the stunning photos of the bike trip they did.

To the overlook. Just a .3 of a mile to the bridge and quick turn around loop.

Name:Rippy trail to the overlook walking
Date:Apr 11, 2016 5:08 pm
(valid until Oct 16, 2016)
View on Map
Distance:3.74 miles
Elapsed Time:1:36:12
Avg Speed:2.3 mph
Max Speed:5.2 mph
Avg Pace:25' 42" per mile
Min Altitude:163 ft
Max Altitude:425 ft
Start Time:2016-04-12T01:08:57Z
Start Location:
Latitude:61º 33' 33" N
Longitude:148º 55' 07" W
End Location:
Latitude:61º 33' 32" N
Longitude:148º 55' 07" W

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