Blueberry Knoll

We are so thankful to the Lord to have abundant trails nearby.  One of the little gems include BLUEBERRY KNOLL.  At the Government Peak Recreation Center is a plethora of hikes and biking trails.  I think I count 12 loops/trails on their map.  This week we heard the "all clear" to open the trails for hiking.  (Sorry, bikes, still too soggy for you). So, this Sunday we adventured.

Just like a spiritual walk, this one came with some unexpected stuff.  SNOW! But, after some perseverance and a few post holes, we made it to the top.

The trail starts out with a little elevation/hilly sections, a few steep, then back to a ridge hike for the last little part.  Two conveniently placed picnic tables.  Great sweeping views of the valley.

Miles Round Trip:  3.7
Hiking time:  2hours
Elevation: 1542 ft gain

Complete with photo's and trail guide click here. You begin by crossing the trails and head a little towards the Pioneer Loop trail North East and up.  You will see the clearly marked trail with Blue Flags all the way to the top.  Close to the top you will see a sign to the left towards Government Peak Trail. (on my bucket list to do).

The Top Picnic Table  (snow in the valley before this, don't be deceived)

I so enjoyed talking about the Lord with these wonderful ladies!

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