Wasilla Creek Wetland Trails

After viewing some stunning photos on Facebook, I was eager to get to this newly opened trail. This is a short kid friendly trail that can handle a small stroller.

However, after coming home and looking again at the map, we only captured the one part of the trail.  It has not been connected to the other phase that is nearer the school.  (it still is not connected) 
small parking lot (no facilities)

There is no signs but, if you go to the 4800 E Nelson Rd, Wasilla, AK 99654 or click on the google map it will give you directions (thanks Google).  However, it is right past the Wasilla Creek and take an immediate left to a small parking lot.

this is us finding a marsh that is not walkable even with a little bridge :)
Once you find that place (hardest part), you walk towards the woods at about 1:00 is the trail head.  I was on it and it was perfect but short.  At the end of the wooden boardwalk, I ventured with my friends a little farther, but all the trails seem to disappear quickly into a marsh.  

After calling the foundation Great Land Trust that made this trail possible, I found out that the connecting trail that is near the Machetanz Elementary school is unaccessible because of a stalled housing project.  Even last week, it was still "no trespassing" sign :(.  However, I will post when that other access is available.  

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