Government Peak Trails

Surrounded by mountains, one can be very intimidated because of the shear height.  But, today after exploring Government Peak with an elevation of 4,781 feet, I saw four distinct stopping points that make it enjoyable for all levels of climbing ability.  Also, you can use this trail as a nice training trail and challenge yourself to each level.

Trailhead:  Government Peak Chalet or Mountain Streams Bed and Breakfast both will take you to all four levels.  

Level one.  A casual hike from the Chalet that starts at the stadium and head west toward Matanuska trail then after crossing the bridge and up a little hill, you will see a sign to the right to begin up the Government Peak Trail.  Continue on until you see a trail that goes to the right and at the top you will see a picnic table and two nice chairs.  Enjoy a nice break and head back.  From the Mountain Stream Bed and Breakfast you can head the trail and find the same break with chairs.

Level two.  Keep up the Government Peak Race Trail and head to the second picnic table.  You can enjoy a break here and just go back.

Level three. Continue up the trail to a sign that says Falls.  Turn to the right and in a short distant you will find another picnic table with a nice view of the waterfall.

Level four.  Skip the falls and head to the top.  It is worth the climb because you can see back into the Talkeetnas and you can see back across the valley to the Chugach. My route we did click here for  May 2016.   

at the top looking back at the Talkeetnas
enjoying some lunch before heading down

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