Edmonds Lake

We drove by Edmonds Lake first then proceeded to the MIRROR Lake parking lot.
Loving to explore new to me trails, on Mother's Day the moms went out and scouted this fun easy hiking trail.  It is maintained and groomed in the winter months for skiing but make it for a nice forrest hike with a great lake view.

Trailhead: Park at Mirror Lake Day use off the Parks Hwy.  If you park close to the toilets, the trail takes off away toward Edwards Lake behind the toilets.

There is three major loops and thankfully they are marked (once you start on the trail) with signs that keep you on the right trail.  However, as you can see the one that goes over the lake is for "winter frozen lake only".

The trail even crosses a road.  Super easy to follow.
2.5k, 5k, 7.5k loops clearly marked

We made it to the lake.

As you can see the trail is muddy, but there is no motorized vehicles allowed on the trail.  We saw a Varied Thrush on the hike and many water birds!

It was also nice to go wander around Mirror Lake which has playground equipment and picnic tables.  Fun for everyone.

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