realized my rainjacket was not rain proof 

I love the snow and the sun, but rain can be a bit of a challenge to endure.  Once, I spent the afternoon hiking the Reed Lakes Trail (pictured above) and realized that the downpour for 6 hours had a saturation point of my rain jacket.  I decided then to research and look for a good rain gear that doesn't cost a TON of money.

Introduce you to my favorite layer for rain, FROGG TOGGS.  Not only did they keep me dry, they are poofy enough to not create a sauna inside your jacket.  That allows you to be active (backpacking/hiking) and not get all wet inside because of sweat.  The con to this jacket, it is easily ripped, but a patch of duck tape will fix it.  Since it is under $30. You can't beat being warm and being outside.

The other advantage is the windbreak option.  I have been on top of mountains where the wind can truly blow you over,  this is just the protection you need.  But, if you have the $ money consider buying the Patagonia Men's Houdini jacket which is lighter and packable for wind.  

For your pants, nothing beats rainpants.  Even when hiking, I love the protection and the safety from damp tundra when we take a break to throw on a pair of those pants.  I don't have a huge preference on brands, because I just find what is available at the thrift store. 

Trail running, I just get wet.  As long as my workout is around an hour.  Having the rain is just a refreshing feel.  I do like to wear gloves to keep my hands warm if it is chilly like today.  Even my feet don't mind being wet, as long as I know I am able to dry off soon, I just embrace the puddles and a rain to enjoy the challenge of it.   

If you have a favorite rain gear, add some comments at the end. 

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